A downloadable game for Windows

Lacey and Racey wound up all tangled! Beat Turtle Tom to the finish line with your shoelaces tied together!

CodeRyan Smith
Art Emma Powers
SFXIdean Behforouz
MusicReed McCallum

Made for the 2021 GMTK Game Jam, with the theme "Joined Together".

Install instructions

Unzip the folder and open the executable ".exe" file.


Tie-Breaker.zip 29 MB


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Awesome work y'all!

This is so cute & has great music. The changes to the turtle between levels are hilarious. I would not mind the final level being even harder!

There's a hidden third option on the main menu that seems to just make the music play over top of itself, I'm guessing this is accidental but maybe it is a secret :)

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Thanks so much for playing! Our team was thrilled to see a comment from you (we STILL talk about "House of Berluscont"!)

Whoops! Let's market it as a secret ^_^

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I'm a little late to respond but that's so sweet! I thought Black Water was awesome so I'm happy to see what else you all are making :)

I have just been chugging slowly along on making a puzzle game for awhile now, haha

Thank you! Best of luck on your puzzle game!