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When your ship crash landed on Zebulon 9, initially things didn't seem so bad. Robots are pretty resilient. But the impact corrupted your UserPreferences file and now your control schematic has been reset to the defaults! 

Unfortunately, the guy who programmed you was a real idiot. Who could remember such convoluted controls?!

Your manual got blown up in the crash, but you think you can see some of the pages scattered around the planet... hopefully they'll tell you what you need to know to get control of your functions and get back on your ship.

Made for the 48 hour Game Maker's Toolkit 2020 Game Jam, with the theme "Out of Control."

Unfortunately the submitted version was broken due to a filename containing a lowercase b instead of a capital B. However, the completed game (version B.0) is available to download and play here!
Art and animations:
Ryan Smith

Backgrounds and logo:
Lila Boehnke

Sound and music:
Emma Powers

Idean Behforouz
Reed McCallum


Rebind.zip 38 MB

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